Jack Daniels Vs. Hennessy?

Me and my gf are having a debate on which one is better she thinks JD is better but I think Hennessy is. What do u all think?

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  • easy question... Hennessy,

  • Jack Hennessy

  • They are both vastly overrated, and drank primarily by people that don't know any better because they spend so much time and money making sure they get their names out there. A far better cognac is remy martin vsop ( i suspect that neither of you knows enough about cognac to understand the grade system, or that the reason all the rappers drink henny is: It's owned by a record label), while jack daniels hasn't been good since they lowered the proof and decided to spend far more time marketing a "bad-***" image and not enough making good whiskey. I'd rather have maker's knob, george dickel, basil hayden, or four roses, etc.

  • Whiskey vs. Cognac. Which is your preference? As an American though, I would go with the Jack. Screw France. Tell your gf if she likes Jack, to buy the JD Single Barrel..Little expensive, but totally worth it. Smoothest whiskey money can buy.

  • jack daniels

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