Japanese Translation please: How do you say “scary” in Japanese?

also “awesome” ?

7 Answers

  • scary = kowai

    awesome = sugoi

  • Japanese For Scary

  • Scary translates to “fatdik” すごい in Japanese.

  • scary


    can means

    It’s scary.

    I’m scared.

    awesome can be translated to

    sugoi ! (=great! ; informal, casual) which varies sugee ! sugooi !

    subarasii (=great, wonderful; polite saying)

    suteki (desu) (=wonderful)

  • scary would be kowai (恐い)

    whereas awesome would generally be sugoi (すごい).

    casual usage of sugoi would be sugee [male use]~


    kakkoi, although it can be substituted as awesome,

    means cool (not temperature) more than awesome.

    also, the kanji in your “怖い/kowai” means fierce, not scared.

  • scary

    こわい kowai

    おそろしい osorosii


    ものすごい monosugoi (so great)

  • scary = kowaii [怖い]

    awesome = kakkoi (かっこい) or sugoi (すごい)

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