‘jesus died for his own sins, not mine’?

could people try and explain this quote from punk band Crass' song 'Asylum'?

oh yeah forgot of the patti smith one think she was first to say it, personally i'm a devout atheist but my beef is with neither party just wondering what sins they were referring too

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  • If that's a legitimate quote, then it means that the lyricist and all who sing it identify themselves as antichrists.

    The Bible describes Jesus as "the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world" (John 1:29) because He was sinless - without blemish. Anybody denying that is an antichrist.

  • Jesus didn't have any sins, that's what made this a sacrifice.

    Jesus died for mine, and those He would call to be part of His family.

  • It's very easy to make your protagonist without sin when you define what sin is.

  • HE died for humanitys sins

  • This is pure dogma from you know who.

    Jesus states that we are all the One Son of God and therefore sinless as such.

    We do still have the atonement process to contend with later on.


    A course in miracles dated 1977AD.

  • It is a Theological error to think that God would be appeased by the death of an innocent , to absolve the guilty.

  • Why? Should one try to explain every silly statement?

  • Jesus did alot of things against the law, since one of the 'rules' is to live by the laws of the land, he sinned alot!

  • So why were the Romans so pissed off with him?

  • Read the Bible. Jesus was an idiot.

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