John locke’s political philosophy stressed

John locke's political philosophy stressed


... because it asserted their right to form their own government.

John Locke's political philosophy was rooted in "social contract" theory.  According to his view, a government's power to govern comes from the consent of the people themselves -- those who are to be governed.  This was a change from the previous ideas of "divine right monarchy" -- that a king ruled because God appointed him to be the ruler.  Locke repudiated the views of divine right monarchy in his First Treatise on Civil Government (1690).  In his Second Treatise on Civil Government (1690), Locke argued for the rights of the people to create their own governments according to their own desires and for the sake of protecting their own life, liberty, and property. The people also retain the right to replace a government if it isn't serving to protect their rights.  

The American founding fathers drew from Locke's ideas to defend their claim for independence from Britain.

Founders of the United States interested in John Locke’s political philosophy because it emphasized the structure of a government that can behold such a diverse country together.


John Locke concluded, that the role of government should be limited to protecting the people and property. Locke's argument stresses that all men are inherently free and equal as part of the rationale for recognizing legitimate political power. In his Two Treatises of Government, he argued about the need of a state and what should be the power relationship between government and the governed. It is best suited to the different colonies aligned to form the new nation.

It's B because Locke believed in natural right, and a social contract between government and the people.
John Locke believed in his political philosophy that people were born naturally free and equal and not pre-ordained as subjects of a monarch and also that they have the right to life, liberty and personal property. Also, as free people they have the right to elect a government that protects these freedoms or alternatively to resist and overthrow a government that does not do this. 
John Locke's political philosophy stressed that there should be a "social contract" between citizens and their government in which citizens give up certain personal freedoms for the good of society. 

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