Karneval Special help?

I know that people who bought the 10th volume of the Karneval manga got a bonus disc with a little preview of the anime that is due in April 2013. I was just wondering if there is anywhere online that I could watch the preview DVD that came with the manga as I couldn’t buy it myself. Anyone have a site that its on? Subbed or un-subbed is fine. Just really want to see it. Any help is appreciated =D

1 Answer

  • 1. The thing was released 3 days ago. Give people some time to read the book and enjoy their weekend.

    2. Japan implemented new piracy laws that put people in jail for uploading content. No longer fees. Jail. Flat out jail. People aren’t really wanting to upload it because they don’t want to be arrested.

    3. That means you have to wait till someone imports the special release to their country and then uploads it. Because Japan can’t jail people when they’re in America or China. So you have to wait. Oversees shipping takes at least 2 weeks.

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