Keurig K-Cups Usage Question?

How many times can you use a single K-Cup? I thought only once, but I just made a second batch of coffee with one cup.

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  • If you like the taste of the beverage brewed on the second batch, there is no problem with re-using the K-Cup.

    There are actually products available (MyKap) that allow you to put a new lid on a spent K-Cup and fill it with your own coffee. So the K-Cup container itself will stand up to re-using.

    Many people find the strength of the beverage on even the first batch of a K-Cup to be too weak. The second batch will probably be even weaker. So I remember reading about only a handful of people who actually re-use the same K-Cup in practice. But if the taste suits you, go for it. Saves money and saves waste!


    I know a lot of people that dump the contents of the K-Cup into their mug and just brew hot water into the mug. As noted above, you can also just get Swiss Miss, Ghirardelli, Lan O’ Lakes or any other cocoa you enjoy and simply use the Keurig as the hot water source.

  • Why bother when there are many great cocoas out there that only require you to boil water? I have used he Keurig before (had one at work) and highly recommend them to everyone as they do make a superior cup of coffee. Loving Green Mountain coffee helps too!

  • Can You Reuse K Cups

  • Answer my simple question? I dare you.…

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