Key stuck in deadbolt help!?

I unlocked my backdoor from the inside today, and when I locked te door and tried to remove the key I found that I could not remove it. I’ve tried pulling from all angles, jiggling it, twisting it, locking and relocking the door and yet nothing could free the key. Do you have any ideas on how to free it?

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  • I am presuming the key still turns around in the lock.

    You can try this, it takes less time to do than to describe. Get the key lined up with what you think is the proper orientation for it to come out, then push inwards on the very center part of the lock cylinder (the part that rotates with the key). While holding inwards on this part, wiggle the key slightly left and right and see if it comes out. If you can ‘t tell if the key is upside down or not, you will need to try turning 180 degrees and doing it again if it initially doesn’t work.

    What happens, with some locks, when they start to wear out is, when you try to pull the key out, the center of the cylinder moves towards you slightly (as if it was going to come out along with the key) when this happens, the holes for the tumblers do not qiuite line up and this can prevent the key from coming out. If you get the key out, try poofing some graphite powder into the key hole and see if it works OK now, if there is any doubt, or you can’t get the key out, replace the lock, they are not very much money.

    If you replace the lock, but you still need to save that key for another lock, once the lock is removed from the door, there will be a small clip, or some kind of retainer holding the inside part of the cylinder in the lock, if you remove this retainer, the whole center part and the key will come out. Note: if you do this, tumblers and springs will go everywhere and the old lock will be useless, so make sure you have the replacement lock on site before doing this or you will have a “breach of security”.

  • Key Stuck In Deadbolt


    Your key may be mis-cut, get a better key made. Try locking and unlocking the deadbolt with the door open, if it sticks the problem is your key, if it works easily, the bolt is not aligning properly with the strike plate on the door jamb. You may have to file or move the strike plate. Check to be sure the hinge screws are tight, if they are loose the door can sag causing a bind on the bolt. You can try lubricating the lock. WD40 is okay, don’t use it too often, TriFlow, BreakFree, Lockease are better. DO NOT use any kind of oil, it will attract dirt and make a gummy, sticky mess. Take your lock, including the bolt part, and the key to a locksmith and have it checked out.

  • deadbolt is locked and key will not turn and is stuck in lock

  • Line it up correctly and pull it out with a large pair of pliers—straight out, no twisting.

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