Keyboarding and typing 100 words per minute can be thought of as a

Question 1 Keyboarding or typing 100 words per minute can be thought of as a? competency skill aptitude none of the above is correct Question 2 Lacey studied at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) for her bachelor’s in business administration (BBA). Along the way, she took several keyboarding courses and types over 130 words per minute. In her coursework, she also studied hotel & resort operations as well as, specifically, an external course on the Best Use of ACME Property Management System. In her post-graduation job at an upscale hotel, she is recognized by her HR Director and General Manager as having the best guest satisfaction rates among her peers for check in while SIMULTANEOUSLY having the fastest-processing time for a new guest checking in of anyone in the hotel. We can now say that Lacey has an ______________ for her position. aptitude or ability skill master competency ability to lead Question 3 Our guest power point presentation from the Career Source Palm Beach County gives applicable information to everyone around the world. It stated that during this pandemic, you should be: polishing up your resume joining professional networks perfecting your social media presence the presentation suggested that you do ALL of the above Question 4 According to our professionals, one should HAVE a photo on their resume, but NOT have a photo on their Linked In profile. True False Question 5 What is the name for the process of getting things done effectively and efficiently through and with other people? leadership supervision effectiveness management Question 6 Management competencies include all of the following except? interpersonal technical perceptual conceptual Question 7 The ability to influence others to act in a particular way through direction, encouragement, sensitivity, consideration, and support is called? management leadership emotional labor the Peter Approach Question 8 What do employers seek when they are looking for “groupings” of collective skills and knowledge? top talent known as “superstars” management competencies hospitality-specific categorical classifications none of the above is correct Question 9 Some traits of successful individuals in our industry, as mentioned by Aimee Mangold of KOLTER Hospitality included: drive, intelligence, self-confidence, the desire to influence others, relevant knowledge, and honesty/moral character. Unfortunately, these same traits do not apply to other fields outside of the hospitality and tourism industry to any great extent. True False Question 10 The flow of information and ideas from one person to another involving a sender, method of transmitting the idea or content, and receiver is best known as interpersonal ability. True False


Only 4 questions can be answered due to our guidelines, but I’ll answer 5 of them for you. 1. Competency 2.  master competency 3. joining professional networks 4. False 5. Management

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