Kingdom Hearts 1: How do I get the dalmatians (64,65,66)?

I’ve read from IGN and Gamefaqs. One says that its on moonlit hill at the doors next to the platform (but they still refuse to open for me) A faq says that I need to seal neverland.. I have. One faq says it won’t reveal itself until I beat oogie boogie and seal halloween town. ( I have and if it is the doors there, they still won’t open. There must be something else that I’m missing.)

Also where precisely are they because one faq says in the graveyard and one says on moonlight hill. By deductive reasoning, I can only assume that its those doors that won’t open since it is the only place I can’t get into.

2 Answers

  • After you defeat Oogie, go back to Moonlight Hill and search for a secret doorway.

    Maybe it’s the wrong place? I can’t remember it was a looong time ago since I completed Kingdom Hearts..

    Source(s): Personal Knowledge
  • move to the gap with the fountain, there will have to be, watching clear of the fountain, steps at the correct then an best friend then yet another best friend additionally at the correct. I beleive it’s within the first best friend on the finish, you must move round a nook i do know and its the door at the left. I desire im correct ahah

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