kingdom hearts – ps2 – atlantica?

i cant find the save point i saw it at the beggining


6 Answers

  • All the save points in Atlantica are in shell clams that you have to hit in order to open them. There is one save point that is very easy to reach and find: It’s in Triton’s Throne to the left of of where Triton is sitting.

  • All the save points in Atlantica are hidden in clamshells. There is one save point in the Triton’s Throne. Its just beside Triton’s chair. Hit the clamshells to reveal the save point.

  • that’s odd. You are doing the right thing. are you sure ursula took the trident yet? make sure you put the crystal trident in ariel’s grotto first. i dont know wha to do if thats the case. good lucky sorry =(

  • At the beginning, it should be inside a huge clamshell. You hit it and then it opens.

  • go to where you started there should be a clam somewhere hit it and the save point will be there it will close when you leave the area

  • in a clam at the bottom, you have to swim down and .. yeah

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