kuroshitsuji “young master” in japanese?

well im just curious, in the anime kuroshitsuji, sebastian continually refers to ciel as "young master" according to the subtitles, but whenever he says it, from what i can hear he says "boku chan" which when broken down is (correct me if im wrong) boku = manservant and chan = is usually i title used for kids. but that would be calling him young manservant, not young master... im confused =S..... can someone please explain this to me. thanx

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  • It's 坊ちゃん botchan, rather than boku-chan.

    Botchan is a form of address for a son of someone of high standing, or a young boy of position.

    That's exactly how a servant should address his young master as, in other words.

  • Young Master

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