LA Fitness Sauna?

I was wondering what you wear inside the LA fitness sauna, considering its in the mens locker room.

Do you go naked or wear workout clothes or swim suit.

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  • You'll find that the policy and usage varies. Some gyms post that swimsuits are required, which is really stupid and uncomfortable. Usually, there's no policy posted and it varies. It seems at most places people sit with towels wrapped around them, but many people just sit on their towels, nude. It's a lot more comfortable and accepting of each other to just sit on your towel nude. That's my preference, even if I have to take the lead.

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  • Unless these there are any specific policy saying otherwise, if it's a sauna in the mens' locker room then I will go in nude

    First rule of sauna anyway is to take a towel in there, and as others have said either lay your towel down and sit on it or you can keep it wrapped around your waist depends on how comfortable you feel - most importantly it means you won't be sitting in sweaty swimming trunks or shorts, I'll always go for the first option - I mean as Nobody quite rightly points out, we're all guys so why does everyone get hung up over seeing a penis - I mean if you are showering or changing then you are obviously going to see nudity in there.

  • I was in a local LA Fitness just yesterday and decided to use the dry sauna. I showered, dried and walked in where two older guys were sitting. Both were wearing long shorts - I was nude. I sat on my towel with my elbows on my knees. One of the guys got up and walked out and came back with the general manager who told me to put clothes on. He said that it was about being respectful. No posted rules that I could find. The guys, by the way, were from either the Middle East or one of the Stan countries. Clearly immigrants.I asked them what problem they saw and was told that they re family men and that this was not appropriate for them. That there s no reason to be nude. I said, it s a men s sauna and that if his family (children) were present I would have not come in or wrapped my towel around myself but it was grown, adult men present so I still didn t see the problem. It was a frustrating conversation so I just left.

  • I find it to be upsetting to me that here in america that nude sauna use is not really allowed or accepted. Its not just a more normal thing to happen but to go in where it is intense heat with layers on can be harmful to your health as well. I had only 1 experience in a co-ed sauna where nudity wasn't approved nor was it said you could not be nude either it was an apartment complex there was small on site unit maybe 8x6 room open 24 hrs could use it anytime, I went up there early one morning you get in a small area before you enter in there happen to be some clothing sitting on the wooden shelf outside sauna so I figured ok and undressed fully nude put towel around waist walked in to find another resident be it female sitting in a corner semi nude lights were off in the room but the door window allowed enough to not be totally black she was first startled used her towel to hide her bare breasts, I apologized said I could leave her be she just said no its ok just keep the light off and your fine. So I removed my towel sat on it while nude with her there and it was fine but this was a one in a million shot to ever happen or be allowed in a sauna.

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    LA Fitness Sauna?

    I was wondering what you wear inside the LA fitness sauna, considering its in the mens locker room.

    Do you go naked or wear workout clothes or swim suit.

  • It depends on what the policy is at the facility. Are there signs up anywhere?

    Generally if it is a sauna or steam room in the mens' area only you can go nude, but sit on a towel.

    So just strip down, put the towel around your waist, and if everyone else is wearing the towel, keep it on. If others are nude around you, feel free to just sit on the towel rather than wear it around your waist. We are all guys. We have the same parts. There is no reason to be shy, modest or embarrassed to be seen naked by other guys.

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    You may sue any one for anything you like. The question is ... will you win? If it were determined that you've been financially harmed by these outages and that LA Fitness has not made a real effort to remedy the problem, how much do you think you would win? What % of your membership dollars do you think would apply to those aspects of belonging to an exercise facility? Your best bet is to complain and let them know that you'll take your membership elsewhere. If you have a clause in your membership that commits you to a certain period of time, tell them that they have not taken care of their end of business as the facility was not as described when you were "sold" your membership.

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