what is the two meanings of this headline?

4 Answers

  • 1. “Lack of Brains” as a quantity of test samples for research.

    2. “Lack of Brains” as referring to the ability of the researchers to understand the work.

  • Lack Of Brains Hinders Research


    There are a few different logical reasons. If holy books are to be believed and he did present himself before us, preform miracles and speak to man in the past on so many different occasion’s and we are even further into a world that is tearing itself apart and warring over religion it is possible an intelligent being like God would see his direct approach is hindering humanity more than it’s helping it. Or maybe we can consider the fact we are Gods children. If a father gives you a home, all you need to survive around you, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, love, happiness, curiosity, marvels and wonders of the world – is it proper to expect him to also come before every individual and let them test him ? Imagine you have a son who one day turns around and says “Alright, you gave me all this. But i don’t believe your my real dad. I want a DNA test, family history trace and proof” when all you asked is for them to live loving one another and for that they’d receive paradise? It’d be insulting to a person of one child, let alone one of 7 billion. If God made man in his image, surely he knows our emotions too and can feel hurt, betrayal, pain. Another point would be free will. I’m not sure how “Eager” God is for us to do as he says. The way i see it we have the choice whether to believe in God or not. We can accept him or reject him – all he asks is we lead a good and virtuous life. Too much arguing over mans religions, mans beliefs, mans rules – it takes away from the core spirituality itself. We are human, there is room for mistake and growth – but people take their beliefs to extremes in today’s society. Not just theists, atheists too. Insulting someone because they believe in something – it’s shameful. We have the ability to co-exist, theists and atheists, without violence or clashing. If God gave us the ability to do so – isn’t humanity to blame for not co-existing, not God? But as you’ve shown with your question you aim your blames at God. To say you must have proof or you lose any argument is just trying to show you’ve got a bigger brain than who you’re talking with. It’s a debate, the whole point of it is someone else knows something you don’t. I like a quote from a scientist, who’s name i’ve forgotten, which says “I’m neither ignorant enough to just believe in any religion, nor arrogant enough to suggest there isn’t a possibility of a higher power”. If you want to grow closer to a higher power, research it and learn from it – why can’t you without giving someone proof so you’re aloud to do so? The subject isn’t maths or science, it isn’t a chemical equation or gravity. It’s human connection with a supreme creator. Are you really arrogant to suggest that because we have Ipods and exciting, fast ways to kill each other than we’re technologically advanced or even have the developed minds enough to understand what and who are creator is? We can’t take the essence of life, emotions and love into a jar and say “Behold, this is love”. It manifests itself in different ways and is unique to every different person. Yet we don’t demand a happy couple show us proof of love in order for them to experience it, right? I’m not saying you believe wrong or you aren’t on the right track. I’m just saying broaden your mind, and stop thinking of religion and science as two opposites – rather the same journey but a different way of traveling.

  • Being dumb makes doing research harder/ less efficient.

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