lacrosse goalie quotes?

our team is making shirts for our goalies and we need a quote to put on the back

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  • Born in crease, die in crease.

    Lmao I play goalie and 85 mph is nothing lol. I take around 100mph shots and i save 90%.

  • Lacrosse Quotes

  • “I’m not sure why I kept playing goalie, to be honest, It’s painful mentally and physically. But the feeling of letting a goal in is alot more painful than getting hit anywhere on my body” – Trevor Tierney

    “To be a goalie, You have to be fearless” – Bill Pilat (Roanoke Coach)

    “When you’re on the field as a goalie, you’re going to impact the game. It’s not a participation-type position; you’re in the battle.” – Quint Kessenich

    “That no one would want to step in the goal makes perfect sense when you consider that a hard rubber object is being hurled at you from close range at the same speed that BMW-driving Germans tear up the Autobahn.” – Nate Badder (IL)

    Oh and a for the record stat for you fellow goalies; A shot from 15 yards out traveling 85 mph takes .36 seconds to get to the goal. Anyone who says ‘playing goalie isn’t hard’ should go against that.

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    lacrosse goalie quotes?

    our team is making shirts for our goalies and we need a quote to put on the back

  • I’m a goalie too not too many girls goalies online though (at least talking about lacrosse) I’ve been playing for a long while and love it too. The best sport I’ve ever played.


    miss i started this game in the 1940s. still active as assistant coach. box game canada. and i am not the oldest coach. the game has gone old school. many canadian players just love the woman’s game. it is fun, your teammates will become your lifelong friends. with the ladies game expanding there are many many scholarships available. there are well over 100 division one schools offering full rides. with other 2 divisions well over 350 schools. the sad part university of hawaii none available. 20 plus canadian schools full rides. best one simon fraser university. burnaby canada. athletes receive off campus one bedroom apartment. all expenses covered. ivy league education. lots of travel. if the game is fun now. wait a few years . the woman’s game has to have a pro league. i hope you enjoy the sport as much as i have. it really is the game of a lifetime. try to find history book on the game. very good read few mistakes but well done. authors name fischer. i will leave with a quote from lacrosse 1880s. may you find nothing but net. good luck in the future . golf is not the game of a lifetime lacrosse is. also first pro sport in the world 1846. one small city 62 major titles. city of new york 9 pro teams. 53. combined. got to love it. the new york teams. some no longer in new york. also new york has lost more titles than it has won.

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