Land grants railroad entrepreneurs such as _ become extremely wealthy.

Land grants railroad entrepreneurs such as _ become extremely wealthy.


Jay Gould,


This wealth led to accusations of swindling and bribery, resulting in many of the railroad owners being called __

Robber Barons

to get more land grants, investors began bribing __

Political representatives

The __ scandal involved several members of Congress who had bought shares in a construction company.

The Crédit Mobilier

The most successful transcontinental railroad was __ Railroad, which did not accept any federal land grants.

The Great Northern Railroad

__ built and operated the ___ Railroad.

James J Hill, the Great Northern Railroad

What is an example of a fixed cost for a company?

Loans, mortgages, taxes

Land grants helped railroad entrepreneurs such as Cornelius Vanderbilt, George Gould and Edward Harriman become extremely wealthy.


Railroad tycoons (wealthy, powerful men in business or industry) made their fortune in the early 20th century thanks to the land grants that the government conceded for the creation of railroad companies suchs as the Union Pacific, the New York Central and the Great Northern. The first, youngest and most remembered tycoon was Cornelius Vanderbilt, also knonwn as the Commodore. Railroad entrepreneurs became extremely wealthy and were able to start their business thanks to the land grants they received from the government, which passed certain laws ans acts for this purpose (the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862 was the first). These men were granted millions of acres of public land to construct railroads, which would serve mainly as tranportation of goods and boost trade.

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