large fish swim SWIFTLY in the sea.?

a) verb b)noun c)adjective d)adverb

11 Answers

  • a) verb /swim

    b) noun/ fish

    c) adjective/ large

    d) adverb /swiftly

  • Swiftly explains how the fish swim. Swim is the verb. So swiftly is the adverb (a word that modifies a verb).

  • Adverb. modifies how the fish swims (a verb). The biggest clue you have is that it ends in LY. If it ends in LY it is likely an adverb. You should check it by asking yourself what is it that is "swiftly". In this case it is swim.

  • Adverb. Swiftly is describe how they swim, which is a verb, so it is an adverb. Usually words that end in LY are adverbs.

  • Adverb.

  • initiate via crossing out what's clearly incorrect. Is "hastily" a guy or woman, place, or ingredient??? there is one decision you recognize is erroneous ideal off the bat. seem up each and every area of speech indexed and analyze it to the information and its use interior the sentence. hastily is describing how the fish swim. think of roughly it.

  • Adjective describing how fish swim.

  • d) adverb

  • Look at my answer to the first question you asked - it tells you the answer to your second question and to this one.

  • adjective.

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