Latin words for “Fire”?

I was using Google translator to find a few possible Latin words to mean “fire,” but I want to make sure they make sense. Here are a few I came up with:






So my main questions are: 1) What is the main difference between all of those different Latin words (are some adjectives, some nouns, etc.), and 2) Which one makes the most sense to describe something that is engulfed in fire?

Thanks for the insight!


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  • Latin is radically different from English – the endings on words tell their function in a sentence and whether they are singular or plural and whether they describe a masculine, feminine, or neuter thing.

    The first three (ignea, igneo, ignei) are different forms of the word ‘igneus,’ which means ‘fiery.’ Ignee’ is an adverb form that would translate as ardently. ‘Ignius’ must be a spelling error – no such word in Latin.

    With all that, best word to describe something engulfed in flames is ‘flagratus’ – but realize the ending of that word would change based the gender and number of what is burning and the use of that word in a sentence.

  • Latin Word For Fire

  • Latin For Fire


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