legal gambling age of oklahoma?

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  • Neffer is right I work in a Okla.cassino also the gambling age is 18,if they don’t serve alcohol.

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  • I work in a casino in Oklahoma. The legal gambling age is 18. I don’t know if all the casinos in OK are 18 and up, but the one I work at is. Some may choose to be 21 and over because of alcohol service.

    This link will give you legal gambling ages in most states.

  • This question has been answered before in Yahoo Answers. A little searching would help you out. But legal age in Oklahoma, since they are on tribal land is 18. However, if you go to Vegas/other state controlled locations (not tribal casinos) the age is 21.

    Alcohol beverage service might change this in part but some casinos serve only non-alcoholic at tables and separate alcohol at other locations (in the casino) to get around this issue.

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  • The LEGAL Gambling age, not only in Oklahoma but, ALL Casinos is “21”!

    I’m sure that goes for Racetracks too.

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