Leo vs scorpio who wins?

Kk so me and this dude are in an argument lol nothing too serious but im curious…..He is a leo and im a scorpio. I was wondering who would give in more easily a leo or a scorpio. They are both fixed signs and both love their ego soo is it an even battle??? Who would be more willing to apologize? Leos wouldnt cuz it would hurt their pride and scorpios do NOT like apologizing unless theres something in it for them. So does this argument even have an end????

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  • in my opinion, you can’t beat a scorpio and by chance you do give in first, you’ll never forget it and will probably resent him for a long time…..and yes leo has a ton of pride, so he probably wont give in for a long time which will make you pissed off lollllllll

    battle of the titans !!!

  • Trust me when I say to you Leo and Scorpio will battle the whole time they are together. It’s a struggle when the 2 signs try to whole a relationship of any kind. However in most cases Leo will compromise depending on the reason.

  • scorpios will fight until their last dying breath!!! we are stubborn and wont back down in a battle that we trully believe in and/or are very passionate about (physical,verbal or emotional). Leos would usually try to rationalize but eventually back off. i think both signs are willing to apologize if either realize they were wrong.

  • My dad is a Leo, and I am a Scorpio. During our battles, he might put me in my place, but ultimately I make my own decisions. He has to take some time and get over them, but I come out on top! Neither of us apologize, time heals our wounds. But, ultimately, Leo just has to get over it. There is no budging when a Scorpio has made up his or her mind!

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  • I bet you would apologize first, but if you are not willing to back down on one small argument, you can always use them lion claws and win this small battle of many to come.

    However, Scorpio’s turn out to be forgiving in the end of whatever they can get into.

    But I would say you would win if you use some good smart words and remember, think before you act.

  • Leos 110% NO DOUBT

  • i dont think just because you two were born in different months, that one is differnet from another

    ex. “scorpios do NOT like apologizing unless theres something in it for them” – well my brother is scorpio and he’ll apologize, because he is caring.

  • A lion would beat the crap out of a scorpion.

    So naturally, the Leo would win.

  • All the Leo’s I have met were aggressive, but very very very insecure inside. And they are dellusional manipulative controlling and crazy.

    Scorpio’s are a bit more put together. But basically the same.

    Capricorns and Cancer are the best.

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