Lewis Dot Structure? IonicCompunds?

My textbook doesn’t give any real instruction on how to draw and figure out the Lewis Dot Structure so can someone please explain or give a good website I can refer to?

or explain how to combined, draw, and write out Li, S

Thanks so much

4 Answers

  • The dots and crosses represent the electrons in the outer shell of the atoms in the compound. So lithium will have 1 cross and sulfur will have 6 dots. Sulfur needs 8 dots to have a full outer shell so two lithium atoms must give their outer electrons to the sulfur. This mean that the ionic compound is Li2S.

    You draw this as [Li]+ [S]2- [Li]+ with 6 dots and 2 crosses around the S to show what electrons it has. The crosses were given to it by the lithium atoms. This diagram shows you where the electrons in the compound have come from.

    You use dots and crosses so that you can distinguish the atoms the electrons came from originally.

  • Lewis Structure For Li2s

  • Lewis Dot system is basically shows the number of valence electrons

    an element contains

    Li would have 1 dot

    S would have 6 dots


    ionic compound if transfer of electrons from a metal to a non metal


    Source(s): Chem. H
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