Lewis structures for C6H6O?

Does anyone know the two different dot diagrams for this compound?

4 Answers

  • I figured it out using the Wikipedia page another member provided. One structure is heptagonal, with the O as the element at the top, simply added into the structure from C6H6. Free electrons are added as needed.

    The other is hexagonal, with the O simply added to the H on that end, forming hydroxide. Another name for this structure is C6H5OH.

  • There are a number of possibilities, curiously enough wikipedia gives this formula its own page though with the 2 most common options: Phenol and oxepin


  • Circular -benzene, except one of the ends is O-H, instead of just H.

    Linear - many different combinations exist

  • Yes, but I don't know how to draw them using yahoo software??????

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