Lindsey Graham proclaims climate change real, 30 years after it became known: If a giant meteor was hurtling towards earth, how long…?

…would we have to wait before this idiot acknowledged it, and would we be dead by then?

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  • The climate “changes” every season of the year.

    And the climate has been “changing” for millions of years before man existed and will CONTINUE to “change” long after man is extinct.

    And it is IMPOSSIBLE for man to do ANYTHING about it

  • Kindly explain, if you can, why the temperature on planets man doesn’t inhabit has also changed.  You can’t?  What a surprise.

  • Climate changes all the time – the fear mongering and money making associated with it is ludicrous. What people said about the effect of climate change 20 years ago HAS NEVER HAPPENED.

  • Graham and other conservatives who are just now admitting that manmade climate change is real can go to hell. Nobody should listen to them. They have no right to act righteous now. They will not be forgiven. The farmers in India that are committing suicide cannot forget. The people of Jakarta, Indonesia who are having to move cannot forget. The island nations that will not even exist in a few decades cannot forget. The rice farmers who no longer have a regular, predictable monsoon season will not forget. Do you know how many people on this planet depend on rice as a dietary staple? Probably over a billion. They will not forget. The working class people whose cost of living skyrocketed when rich Californians moved to their little city in droves will not forget. Have you seen part of Californias coastal highway just dropping into the sea? Lots of richies from California know that climate change is going to greatly affect their state, so they are buying up real estate in other areas, which hurts the people living in the other areas. These people cannot forget. So then why does Graham think we will all just forget that he and his ilk denied climate change and prevented us from making the needed changes in a timely manner? Now, it’s too late. And I will never forget whose fault this is. I will not forget and I will not forgive. Ever.

  • Ah he might have accepted “Climate Change” but has he acknowledged it as “Man made Climate Change”?

    The fallback position for the deniers for quite a few years now has been its a natural part of the cycle for quite a few years now. 

  • lindsey graham decides what to think when the wind blows ,he doesn’t know why he believes it now, just that it seems popular,but democrats are in the same boat as lindsey,they don’t know why they believe, they just do. no politician has ever endorsed actual science that proves global warming,because science is always changing,just like the wiond. it suits them now to gain power,so they push their claim, they need not explain why, they simply say, i have spoken,or science, and we are to shutter in fear. there is no global warming bible,nothing to point to and say this is why, that would become a target to them,they only wish to be like the wind, untouchable.

  • He’d be sitting on a small piece of debris floating in space with one other person for a couple of years before he finally goes “You know…”

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