is a ripoff! someone help me!? charged me first $4.95 for a resume that I’d created and wanted to print. The 4.95 was for a week subscription. Well I had forgotten I even had the subscription and on the 8th day the website charge me $35 for nothing. I have not used anything on the website since the first night and I would like a full refund of $35 back in my account. I called the company but apparently they’re closed and it doesn’t give you any time frame of when they are open. I also emailed them and they emailed me back giving me the link to cancel my subscription. I had previously cancelled the subscription when I saw the $35 missing from my account. What do i do!?

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  • Someone responded to me immediately when I used their live chat. I contacted them a couple days after I was charged $35 and they gave me a refund as a courtesy. I think you can also email them requesting a refund. Good luck!

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  • Contact the company directly instead of filing a chargeback with your bank. I work for a bank and the process can take MONTHS to resolve. Besides, the company most likely stated somewhere that you would be charged so you will lost the chargeback anyway. From personal experience, it is better to resolve the problem at the source, so call the company!

  • close down your credit card. FAST!

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