Lost Name Change Court Order!?

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My brother recently became naturalized as a U.S. citizen in the state of Ohio but recently has moved to Illinois. He needs to get a new State ID and name change. To do this, a court order with the name change is required. If he became naturalized in the State of Ohio, which court would he need to ask to obtain another copy of the name change document? Is is a State Court or is it at the county level? Thanks..

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  • It’s usually done in the county probate court in Ohio,

    so you’d look up the county in which he had it done, followed by “Ohio probate court certified records”

    That should get you the contact information for the staff who could supply you with a certified copy. It will cost you $1per page.

    For example:


  • There’s no difference between state and county courts. Each state court covers a geographic region, usually on country boundaries. Illinois has 23 Judicial Circuits, each with it’s own circuit court.

    Your brother should go to the circuit court for the county he lives in. It will cost about $350 for a name change.

  • If you already got a name change he goes to the court that he got it in to get a copy. if you wants one he can file in any state court or County Court and get a name change. naturalization is for the entire country

  • It would be whatever court issued the original copy that he lost.

  • The court he was standing in when he got the name change. Contact their clerk of the court and ask for a copy of the court order. They might charge you a couple dollars in postage and processing.

    But from the way you word your question, are you saying that he have never changed his name? He was naturalized in Ohio, but never actually changed his name? If so, you can go to any court for a name change.

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