Lyrics to the song “Disneyland” From the Musical “Smile”?

I can tell what most of the lyrics are just by listening to it, but it would really feel more comfortable singing it if I knew the exact lyrics.

Here's the song I'm talking about.

I've searched all over but can't find them!

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  • Hot Sunday night

    I guess the folks were busy fighting

    Joe'd already left home

    Eleven years old on my own

    Feelin' nothing but lonely

    There's nothing to do

    There's nothing out there but the traffic

    Down on state ninety-three

    So I'd sit through the night

    By our old black and white t.v

    And that's when I saw it...

    That's when I heard it...





    Magic kingdom


    Close my eyes real tight

    Wishing hard I might, wishin hard I may

    Find my way to Disneyland

    Gotta get to Disneyland

    On a western breeze, magic carpet please

    Carry me away

    Oh I know you're gonna say the trees are paper mache

    It's done with mirrors, the magic there

    Each little bird's full of springs, you press a button it sings

    Recorded music in the air

    They've had the mountain refaced, it's only plywood and paste

    Go on say it!

    I'll turn around and tell you I don't care!

    I don't care...

    I will live in Disneyland

    Gotta get to Disneyland

    Maybe it's all fake

    That's a chance i'll take

    It's perfectly okay!

    Make my home in Disneyland

    Take me there to Disneyland

    And when I get to Disneyland

    I'll stay!

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    ummm, there are way more than 1 song in high school musical, which one would you be looking for? be more specific! you cant excpect ppl to churn out about 15 diff song lyrics for what 10 lousy extra points that you can do what with? its not like its money, and only 1 person would get it. sorry, not worth it.

  • do you know how many songs are in that movie--instead of typing it on here go to google and do high school musical lyrics

  • Haven't thought about that

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