Mabinogi- Where can I find the Eternal Rest book?

I was checking up about where can I find the Eternal Rest book? I was searching and I constantly noticed the same responses about it being found in Karu dungeon. Could someone please be a little more specific as to where it can be found in Karu, (I.e. Karu: Normal, Final Hit, Pot belly Spider: leg, fang, pot, etc...? Also I was checking Mabi wiki and appearantly Karu Isn't the only place that gives the "Eternal Rest" book, I was looking to find out that Rundal Dungeon also gives the book as a reward, so Im now beginning to assume that there are more then just one place that gives the book, so if anyone knows can you please tell me?

I pretty much lost here and I wanna rank up my rest from rank B to A, though anyone that was to answer this question may probably know this already. I would be thankful for any help! 😀

2 Answers

  • I only got the Eternal Rest book once, and I got it as a reward for completing the dungeon. I think it was either Basic or Normal Karu. And just so you know, it's rare. Sorry if I didn't help enough.

  • You can get the ER book from both dungeons just like you said. I got the four that I have from Karu Forrest/Normal as a reward from the chest. You just have to keep spamming the dungeon till you get it or buy it from another player. It is always being sold.

    So spam Karu Forrest Normal and get it as a chest reward...

    Hope this helps.

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