maggot like bugs in the bottom of our tooth bursh holders what are they how did they get there?

we have a tooth bursh holder which holds all 4 of are burshes my son has just took his bursh out to find at the bottom of it was these little wiggling white maggot things any 1 no how they got they or what they are thanks

4 Answers

  • I don’t know what they are, but I would suggest that you throw away the holder and buy a new one, also, I think you need to be more particular when it comes to hygiene and cleaning.

  • They are maggots. The flies lay their eggs in the bottom of your toothbrush holder where extra water is standing. Throw that toothbrush holder away, buy a new one, and start cleaning the bottom of it out weekly. You should probably buy new toothbrushes as well.

  • Ahh this happens to my family too. The maggots must be attracted to something on the toothbrush, that might be it?

  • they are maggots. Try cleaning more often. Flies lay egges everywhere.

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