Make up a poem about a CHICKEN MCNUGGET! best answer 10 points!?

52 Answers

  • cнιcκen mcnugget, yummy yummy

    cнιcκen mcnugget, in my tummy.

    good when hot, good when cold

    the best food ever sold.

    going to mcdonalds for some food,

    already know what to choose.

    cнιcκen mcnuggets and some fries,

    listening to my stomach’s cries.

    can’t wait to eat my cнιcκen mcnugget,

    with some ketchup I’M LOVIN IT.

    hahaha i’m a vegetarian.


  • ᑕнιcκen McNugget

    How I love you

    ᑕнιcκen McNugget

    How I adore you.

    I drive to the Mcdonalds

    on south George Street

    Only to hope I recieve

    a tastey ᑕнιcκen Treat

    ᑕнιcκen McNuggets Are good

    ᑕнιcκen McNuggets are Great

    I love eating McNuggets

    It has to be fate.

    If there were no McNuggets

    At the fast food place

    I’d run around like a lunatic

    at a very fast pace.

    ᑕнιcκen McNuggets

    is food from god

    ᑕнιcκen McNuggets

    help ruin your nice bod.

    lol… Yeah. I was bored….

  • It’s ᑕнιcκen McNugget time,

    It’s ᑕнιcκen McNugget time!

  • Oh cнιcκen McNuggets how I love you

    Dipped in ranch, chipotle, buffalo, honey mustard, or BBQ

    No matter how I eat you, you always stay true

    Your taste and shape are beyond compare

    Even if you give me gas and make me sick

    I do pledge my love to you

    To find you I would search endlessly

    I love how you give little kids greasy hands

    Which they wipe on their mothers white pants

    It’s fun to see dropped in oil

    I know when you emerge you will be golden

    Which I do relate to my morning ᴘᴇᴇ

    Which does feel oh so great!

    It’s great to see you make people fat

    Stuffed in between Big Macs

    I like it when you tell lies

    It’s OK I’m not calorie wise

    But it makes me sad

    As I take the last bite

    Oh wait you are coming up again

    It’s so great I get to taste you again

    But the man behind the counter

    Has just given you away for free

    I shall not help the man who is turning blue

    He can just choke on you

    It’s a crime to not have to pay

    We make such a perfect pair

    I know the heimlich maneuver

    you know how to cut off oxygen supply

    See you some day in the big sunny sky

    When I have realized you are my demise

  • Oh cнιcκen mscnugget i love you so,

    why do you make my life so mcMiserable,

    without you i wouldnt be able to grow!

    I dont want a Big mac or french fries or a shake,

    i want the think that makes my stomach quake!

    Its the cнιcκen mcnugget made from cнιcκen,

    the only word that rhymes with cнιcκen is kitchen!

    When i go to sleep all i dream about is you,

    even when i go to do a poo!

    My darling mcnugget it looks like we have to part,

    quick run away……I MUST FART!

  • Ode to the McNugget:

    Tender white meat

    Composed of God-knows-what

    Sitting stoically on my plate

    A reminder of simpler times

    When America was a world superpower

    And the dollar was valuded

    When you didn’t have to lock your doors

    And McNuggets were made of real meat

    Oh, ᑕнιcκen McNugget, you light up our lives

    We are lost without you

    You are the reason for living

    You are the reason for existence

    Oh, ᑕнιcκen McNugget you are-ghdahgrrrrr-

    Excuse me, I choked on you.

  • ᑕнιcκen nuggets, yum!

    A secret ingredient?

    Most likely poison.

    Yeah. A haiku. I’ll make a limerick too.

    ᑕнιcκen McNuggets are a food well-known.

    Much better than all the rest that are grown.

    Please pass the ketchup.

    It’s so tasty, yup.

    Oh snap! What’s this? Hey, I’ve just found a bone!

  • Old ᑕнιcκen Mcnugget went to Town

    Then bought a new basket for his hound

    when he got back it was set in his lounge

    The neighbours next door though it was brown.

    (Do I get 10 points, I did try)

  • ᑕнιcκen McNugget, so gross and so cold

    How the hell did you get so old?

    They picked you up behind the stove

    From whence you dropped a month ago

    Still they served you without hesitation

    To an old, wrinkled man, poor from inflation

    No one stopped him from eating your meat

    Though surely you must’ve tasted like feet

    Your plastic-like texture makes him feel rotten

    You are a McNugget surely never forgotten.

    I’m surprised it was that long…that didn’t take nearly as much effort as I thought it might. Hope you like it. That was fun.

  • ᑕнιcκen McNuggets i get those ᑕнιcκen McNuggets….. I cant live with out those ᑕнιcκen McNuggets…..They make me soo fat and hungry for some more…..ᑕнιcκen McNuggets..ᑕнιcκen McNuggets

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