Math question ( SHHH-S=ZZZ)?

This has been asked before but we need to know HOW to get to the right answer please.

I have no idea what the answer is…

2 Answers

  • So, do we assume that you already know what the answer is? In fact, there is only one possible answer.

    SHHH has four digits, and ZZZ only three. So you add a single-digit number to ZZZ and get a 4-digit number.

    There are only 9 3-digit numbers of the form ZZZ, so try them all out : 111, 222, 333, and so on. Do any of them give you a 4-digit result when you add on a single digit number ?

    I think that you will find there is only one such number. And this will tell you what digit S must be, at the front of SHHH. Whatever single digit you add on to ZZZ, there is only one number which the S at the front of SHHH can possibly be. So that is the digit which you must add on to ZZZ.

    That, I think, answers your question, HOW you get the right answer.

  • Im using a cheap method to get this

    S = any number pick one

    H = 1

    Z = 0

    9*1*1*1 = 9

    9-9 = 0

    0*0*0 = 0

    im sure they want you to use a number other than zero but if they dont put that down your teacher will give u an A for effort but u might get it wrong

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