maximum taser voltage and amperage?

what is the maximum amount of voltage and amperage that the most powerfull taser can go up to.

4 Answers

  • 50000 volts at 18 watts

    amps =watts/volts

    .00036 amps or 3 milliamps

  • Across a given resistance, the current drops when the applied voltage drops. With both voltage and current lower, the amount of power is also lower. Your friend is thinking of constant power… as the volts go up, the amps go down. This is useful when you think about the voltage and amperage of household appliances, and the power distribution to your house. A high power device may run on 220V instead of 110V, because at 220, it uses half the amps as it would at 110 (roughly). Power lines are at much higher voltage to transmit power at reasonable amperage to users.

  • Define Tazer

  • thats not 3 milliamps thats 36/100 of a milliamp

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