Me asap how does squeaky feel about taking care of raymond?

Me asap how does squeaky feel about taking care of raymond? a. raymond has climbed a fence. b. the may pole gets in the way. c. the finish is very close. d. mr. pearson speaks too softly.


3. She feels complain about him

also mark mate i literally only need need 1 more


3. she feels protective of him


Even though it is through pain, squeaky actually derives joy in taking good care of his brother. She plays safe to ensure his brother is protected. She is always taking care of Raymond; she demonstrates exceptional concerns in taking care of his brother. Squeaky calls Raymond her little brother due to his mental age despite the fact that Raymond is older than squeaky.  

Raymond is big and does not always understand the situation around him and because of this; squeaky is always concerns about his brother’s safety since Raymond is very special and dear to her.

Raymond indulges in things that could lead him to danger, this things appears annoying to squeaky but she understands necessary precautions has to be taken to ensure Raymond is safe.

Some kids at school make fun of squeaky because of her protective nature towards Raymond. She calls this a “big mouth”. The way squeaky handles the situation clearly shows her commitment to always care and defend her brother.

Raymond’s run is a short story written by Toni Cade Bambara, which features Raymond and squeaky as the main characters.  In the story squeaky is seen as an aggressive, extremely competitive young girl who cares about her brother while Raymond is a boy who is mentally challenged.


How does squeaky feel about taking care of raymond In the story, “Raymond’s Run” Squeaky feelings In "Raymond's Run," readers get an inside perspective on Squeaky's thoughts and feelings. Which best explaings how the author achieves this effect?


RaymondSqueakyRaymond's Run

D is correct. i took the test 🙂
Raymond is a brother of Squeaky. Her mother tells her to take care of her brother.  She loves to take care of Raymond, she took extra precautions to make him safe and protective.
Actually Raymond and squeaky are the characters of the short story "Raymond's Run" written by Toni Cade Bambara. This is the short story within the collection Gorilla.
She feels protective of him.
The answer is D. she feels protective of him. i know because we did this not to long ago.
hope that helps

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