Meaning of the number 422?

I have been seeing the number 422 alot lately and I wanted to know if anyone knew the meaning of it.

I want the SPIRITUAL meaning! Not anything to do with drugs. And btw I have seen this number about a dozen times in 2 days!

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  • In Doreen Virtues’ book Angel Numbers it sayes….”422 the angels urge you to have faith, and trust in them and in yourself. See the angel within you and other people to help you believe in the good of humanity.” Its a book I keep by my bed & its nice to refer to once in a while!

    When the angels give us little things like numbers in repeatative ways, sometimes its because they are trying to catch our attention, they know that by using numbers, we will question the ‘coincidence’ – its to show us that we really are not totally alone & that they are with us always (remember to thank the angels wont you?)


  • Angel Numbers 422

  • My rent is $4,220. a month.

    My drivers license ends in 422.

    There were 422 people in the bar last night who bought me drinks.

    I’ve had 422 girlfriends since i turned 21.

  • No, it’s just concidence.

    You see it twice in a row and you’re hyper sensitized to it so you start noticing it all the time.

    Ask yourself how many other numbers you see but don’t take notice of each day.

  • I have no idea really What this numbers mean. I saw a twice today and I couldn,t find the really meaning U all guys Saying DF things

  • 422 is April 22nd, which isn’t too far from now.

  • i Think its 420 and NOT 422.

    It mean that you are a theif !!!!

  • 4+2+2 = 8

    spiders have 8 legs! OMG!

  • 42 x 10 + 2 and we all know what 42 means!

  • 322 is the number of the skull and bones. Thats what I thought of when I seen 442 but looked it up and I was wrong.

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