Melville, poe, and hawthorne are considered romantic writers.

Melville, poe, and hawthorne are considered romantic writers. a. true b. false



Romantic is in the sense of "Romanticism" the idea of full of emotion, dramatic. It left the idea of facts in the dust with imagination and go with your heart ideals. 



Romanticism is a literary movement that is best illustrated through the works of these three writers. Each one of them, in their own way, explore the themes prevalent in this literary tradition: acute and mesmerizing accounts of human subjectivity and personal and intimate perception and discernment, profound revelations based on dramatic and emotional conscious and unconscious states of mind, and, especially in the case of Poe and Hawthorne, a marvelous exploration of the irrational forces dominating the human psyche.  


Melville was romantic, Poe was a fantasy and horror writer and Nathaniel Hawthrone wrote stories of Puritan inspiration.


This is a true statement.

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