Mentalist fans…does anyone know who played Laura Lai in the last episode?

Does anyone know who the actress is that plaved Laura Lai in the TV show the mentalist? I’ve looked everywhere for her name and I can’t find it.

2 Answers

  • Here’s information about the direction of THE MENTALIST after the guest appearance of Emmanuelle Chirqui on the May 17 Season Finale —

    Red John’s accomplices don’t tend to survive long in custody. Geiven the ending, are we to expect this one (played by Emmanuelle Chriqui from Entourage) to stick around?

    They’re like Spinal Tap drummers, aren’t they? Yes, I hope so.…

  • I know why you didn’t find her 🙂 Her name is not Laura Lai, but Lorelei, the actress is Emmanuelle Chirqui.

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