Merle Norman Price List?

I was wondering if anyone has a Merle Norman price list. I’m doing some cosmetics research (from home) and there doesn’t seem to be any price list whatsoever online.

Help in this matter would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  • i used to be a merle norman beauty advisor, so i can help.

    merle norman does not sell anything online. since all stores are independently owned, prices do change a little from one location to the next.

    foundations range from $16-30. there are 10 formulas currently available, and the price depends on the type.

    regular shadows come in dozens of shades and are about $12 each. duos are abou $14. mousse and cream formulas range from $12-16. pigment-like shadows are $18.

    liners for lips and eyes are about $11-13 each.

    mascaras are about $14. nail polishes are about $8.

    blushes come in powder and cream and are about $15.

    to get exact prices, stop by the store nearest you. contact me if you have any other questions.

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  • Here is there store locator I would put in your information and call one of the local stores near you and ask them some of their prices ..

    Best of Luck ~~~

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