Mid-engined Supra render might leave you wishing it was real

When Toyota applied for a trademark for the legendary Supra name, back 2010, everyone affiliated with the automotive world had their tails up. This excitement went through the roof when Toyota unveiled the FT-1 concept car at the 2014 North American International Auto Show. If the forthcoming fifth generation looked like that reveal car, and had performance that was way ahead of its time, like the A80 did, then we’d truly be in for something special.

It’s been nearly two years since its official release, and whilst it’s not exactly a bad car, it’s not been the world-beater that we expected. It didn’t look particularly futuristic, or sound it, and whilst its performance is somewhat acceptable, you can’t help but think what could’ve been if Toyota did this their own way, as opposed to basing it off a pre-existent car: the BMW Z4. What if Toyota paired the legendary name with an engine that was positioned in the middle of the car?

Now that’s more like it. Created by Chopping_pixels, a digital car editor who’s work is showcased on his Instagram page (click here to check it out). Repositioning the engine hasn’t just given the Supra that aggressive streak back, but you also can’t help but think it would gain the ”edge” that it currently lacks over competitors like the Porsche 718 Cayman S.

This change would not only set the GR Supra world’s apart from its German sibling, but it would potentially give Toyota the perfect platform to sculpt a car that is capable of challenging Ferrari’s and *real* Porsche’s, just like the A80 did back in the 90s. That’s not to say that the Z4 is a bad car, it’s a great car, it just shouldn’t be the barebones of the Toyota Supra. But considering we’ve now seen what a midengined version of the Supra looks like, would it be so bad to see a midengined Z4? Chopping_pixels weaved his wand once more, and the result is spectacular:

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If you’re interested in seeing more of the original cars, here are the links:

Toyota Supra owner credits: @nic3z4 on Instagram.

BMW Z4 owner credits: Christine Montalvo, @hmontalvo65 on Instagram.

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