Mini Fridge in school locker?

I really want to put a mini fridge in my school locker, which I’m pretty sure is probably impossible but I thought I’d try.

Does anyone know if there exists a fridge that makes no noise, does not need to be plugged in, and is no more than 12″ wide, 15″ deep, and 20″ tall?


and I’m going to research my school’s rules, so you guys don’t have to worry(:

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  • I googled battery powerd refridgerator and…

  • Battery Powered Mini Fridge

  • Fridge Locker

  • Only thing to meet those requirements is called a Thermos. Back in the day they were included with lunch boxes. These insulated bottles kept hot things hot, or cold things cold. They didn’t need any power, made no noise, about the size of a large cup. Can’t imagine that it would be against school rules, but never hurts to ask.

    Do a search for “thermos bottle”

  • You should just get a cooler instead, you’re going to have to waste too much money on the batteries so yeah . But there is this fridge :

    I’d still prefer the cooler .

  • This is probably not what you had in mind, but……

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