Minimum age to work for ups?

So I’m on looking for some work.. and it says it strongly urges me to apply at ups as a package handler. Thing is, I’m only 17. Do I have any shot at landing this job or am I too young? I know i could handle the job… anyone know ?

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5 Answers

  • by federal law 16 but many states list work in a warehouse as a package handler as hazardous therefor it is not legal for anyone under 18 to perform the job in those states.

    by policy UPS does not hire those under 18 for work in shipping/handling.

  • Ups Hiring Age

  • You have to be 18.

  • I believe that you have to be 18 years of age before you can work for ups. My school is doing a program where you can work for part-time at ups. Also a tip I believe you get paid more for working the late shift. I am really sorry I can’t be of further assistance.

  • Im 17. i do no longer think of of there might desire to truly be any dramatic age regulations on recommendations. yet I believe them making it so for you to be 13 to place up. all individuals youthful than that for the period of all probability would not even have an interest indoors the area and/or no longer even study in. yet together as they have been in contact, probably they might desire to be immature posting and could make the area no longer as relaxing to those extra suitable mature shoppers.

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