Monologues from Smallville?

For a school project i need to memorize a monologue from a movie or TV show. I love the show Smallville, but i can’t find a Monologue from it. If you know of a male monologue please let me know!!


1 Answer

  • check out Season 9 episode 11 Absolute Justice — I think Hawkman gets a short monologue in when he busts Green Arrow’s chops over something

    the trouble with a Monologue is that it’s a speech by one person (hence: mono).. most TV shows for various reasons of keeping the stars happy try to keep lines in balance/proportion so if one guy gets a monologue some one else wants one and you either have to shoe-horn a 2nd monologue in, which gets talky.. or they take what would have been 2 epic speeches, and splice it into a conversation/argument — in which case it ceases to be a monologue and becomes a dialog

    in general… a real good monologue from a Film.. Go with Jack Nicholson’s “You Can’t handle the truth.” speech from ‘A Few Good Men”– too often it gets dismissed as a cliche’d Nicholson line, which most people just yell and delude themselves into thinking they are doing an impression… but he’s got a good solid Rant that follows the opening line

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