Monoprice Graphics Tablet Pressure Help?

I recently just got a new tablet, the Monoprice Graphics Tablet 10×6.5. Everything is fine except the tablet does not have any pressure in photoshop,sai,paint,gimp, or anything! When I’m testing the pressure in the tablet’s settings menu, it works fine. Does anyone know why? Also I am on Windows 7 64 bit.

Also, how do you get the cursor to move in Sai? I can’t move the cursor with my tablet when I’m in Sai.


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  • These applications probably don’t support that brand of tablet – sounds like some obscure brand name. Send it back and ask for a refund if you can.

    You’d be better getting a WACOM tablet. GIMP and Photoshop support these for sure.

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  • You probably connected the tablet before installing the included drivers. When that happens, the tablet defaults to the windows drivers which do not support pressure sensitivity. Please follow the steps below.

    Go to device manager.

    Uninstall the drivers.

    Disconnect the tablet


    Install the drivers


    Once everything is back up, plug in the tablet.

    Wait a minute for the drivers to register.

    It will work fine after that.

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