monster energy drinks pull tabs?

I know that you can redeem these but to redeem them do the tabs have to be green or can they be any color from any monster can?

4 Answers

  • Wait, what can you do with them?? I have a whole water bottle filled with those things.. what do you do with them?? O:

  • Monster Energy Drink Tabs

  • Any Monster Energy with a pull tab can be used. They can be Original, Lo-carb, Absolutely Zero, Rehab, Khaos, M-80, MIXXD, Assault, Heavy Metal, and all Java Monster and X-Presso Monster products in any size as long as it has a pull tab. Caps from cap cans and resealable ends from 18.6 oz. cans will not be good enough. Tabs from other brands will not be accepted.

    Here’s the link.

  • Monster. Red Bull sucks.

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