Move About Me Up on Myspace?

okayy i kknow there are codes dat move your about me up but dey mess up your navigation. like ive tried codes dat move it up but hide part of your navigation and it looks bad! is there a way to take away the extra space dat you have on top of your about me section? PLEASE && THANK YOU

6 Answers

  • Try this code:


    td.text table {position:relative; top: -100px;}

    td.text table table {position:static;}</style>

    To move them DOWN more make the number SMALLER, to move them UP more make the number BIGGER

    – Hope it works


  • i never heard of this code. the best advice i can give you is to look for someone whos profile is like that and ask them what the code is.

    maybe if you have profile 2.0 you can move it but i’m not even sure you can do that.

  • i got a code that hides my blogs and so the about me is right at the top at a perfect spot cause theres nothing above it:)

  • no there isnt a code for that that i have had trouble with the same thing with my profile but i left it like that and shortened my music player !…

  • try upgrading to profile 2 then u can move evrything wherever u want it

  • Mabey if you learned to type i could help you..

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