Moving to Clearwater, Fl as a single young female?

Hi all! I’m looking to move to southern florida in August by myself. I’m securing a job before moving but wanted to know more about the area in reguards to me being alone and wanting to meet people my age! I just want to live a quiet beach life and work but make some good friends to live life with. Also, any advice on how life is like there and best areas to rent an apartment! Really anything helps!

side question: If not Clearwater what’re your thoughts on Sarasota, St. Augustine or anywhere else with a non city younger crowd vibe.


4 Answers

  • Check on line with crime in the area. You will see where it is worse and better. A d what crimes are being committed. 

    You can also work with a real estate agent, they will help you find an apartment rental. They Neil know the areas. 

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  • The west coast is a big draw for retirees. The median age in Clearwater is 43.8 with about 36% of the population between 20 and 35. It might give you a clearer picture to do some research on numbers of clubs and other activities that attract young people. I think you’d find more of a “younger crowd vibe” in Orlando or the east coast.  There are lots of men in Jacksonville, because there’s a big Navy base. 

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