my 10 year son has inverted nipples…?

is this common or normal?

he isnt over weight. he is a little above average for height and weight is normal. he is very very active and he has been getting a little chunkier lately but i think he is going to have a growth spurt soon. hes already starting puberty. i just wanted to make sure it wasnt anything serious

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  • There’s nothing bad about it, especially since he will never have to breastfeed. 😉 It’s just one of those little differences humans have.

  • Inverted Nipples Male

  • You’re kidding right? I’m a teacher, and I expect perfection as well. But I also expect kids to have a life beyond school because it makes them more well rounded people later in life. Unless you’re planning on shipping him off to a Military boarding school to later become a career Marine, then ease up! I’ve found through experience that parents that push their kids too hard wind up with either really smart teenagers with no social skills OR really smart teenagers that engage in illegal activities. Sometimes, although we teachers TRY very hard not to, we still make mistakes. Maybe the question wasn’t properly worded or the teacher asked a question on the test not covered in the review? Please remember that in most US grading scales, grades ranging from 90-100 are still A’s, and since your son earned a 98% he earned an honest A. If he’s does get a 100% on the next test after you’ve scolded him he’s an exceptional child, and he desrves you to take him somewhere he’ll like to go, spend some time with him and reward him with something he may like or lest face a “cats in the cradle” type situation, or if you have no time to reward your exceptional child I DO- so is he available for adoption?

  • It’s totally normal. In fact many boys have inverted nipples all their lives. Some begin to become outies in their teens, and some only become outies when the boy is sexually simulated. At ten, he is hitting the boy fat stage, which could be part of it, whether he is really overweight or not as his body begins to transition into puberty. His nipples will probably be overly sensitive for a time as well. But all of this and more is perfectly normal. Maybe its time both of you started doing some research and learning about the changes that are going to happen to his body. Many parents wait until too late when the information (read as misinformation) they do get, they get from friends at school. Teach him the facts and you’ll both be more at ease. I highly recommend ” The What’s happening to My Body Book for Boys” by Lynda Madaras or her other book “My Body, My Self”. Both are well written and frank. Good luck as you enter this new chapter with your son. And really enjoy these last couple years of “boyhood”, puberty hits like a ton of bricks both parents and teens and things are never really the same after. Not necessarily bad, just different. You as a mom will take a back burner role in his life as he seeks out male role models. If his dad is in the picture, now is the time for him to really step up and guide his son through these crazy times. If dad isn’t in the picture, you need to find a responsible, respectable male role model for him, at least until he’s 13 or 14 and slips into the adolescent cave of hormonal hibernation. Good luck.

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    my 10 year son has inverted nipples…?

    is this common or normal?

  • Many children have inverted nipples. There is nothing you can do about it. Be thankful that he is not a girl as many females with inverted nipples find it hard to breast feed. Relax, your son won’t be concerned about it if you are not. Do not project your worry on to him.

  • my brother has inverted nipples. I am not sure “how” common it is… but I know it does happen. To females too, actually.


    YES!!! PERFECTION! How the heck do you expect to raise Nazi youth without perfection? Das gud. (so you were only 7 when you conceived him, lover?)

  • my son is 7 and his are the same way, actually i have never thought anything about it.

  • It’s very common when boys are overweight.

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