My AP Physics teacher is giving a final to all of the kids who did not take the AP exam. Can teachers give a final to only a few students?

I go to a school in New York if that helps

3 Answers

  • Yes, the teacher can give a final to any student they choose. I’ve heard of places doing this and usually the reason given is to encourage students to take the AP exam. I would assume that the teacher told you of this policy a long time ago, if not, they really should have. I don’t really agree with doing this, but there is nothing inherently illegal or against educational rules.

  • Yes, of course. The AP exam acts as the final for the kids who took it. The rest of you have to have some kind of final. Why would you think that you wouldn’t have a final?

  • If you didn’t take the AP final, then it would make sense that you need to take an alternate final so the teacher can access whether or not you have the knowledge to pass the course.

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