My boyfriend found two quarters on in the car, that are identical, upside down and next to each other. Is this a supernatural phenomenon?

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  • Perhaps one day he will find the other half. If two quarters are on the car, to be symmetrically identical the other half might be underneath the car, right way up.

  • If there is no heavenly rule that states that two coins can not possibly be upside down next to each other then it is not paranormal.

  • The Tooth Fairy has a bad since of direction.

  • Only to the most extreme superstitious.

  • Two quarters? Honey, that’s not even a financial phenomenon.

    I found two $20 bills on the floor at a casino once, and that doesn’t even count as a supernatural phenomenon. And forty bucks is a whole lot more than two quarters.

    There’s this thing called grasping at straws. You might want to look it up. Just saying, no reason or anything.

  • Maybe…. It’s not well known but many people have suddenly found coins where they couldn’t have been, and sometimes coins have been literally fallen out of clear skies. But like so many paranormal events, nobody really knows how or why. Some people think that deceased family members are trying to say “hello,” but there has been cases of polished rocks, dead birds and animals falling, pieces of raw meat, blood, and all kinds of crap just falling out of nowhere. The usual excuse by brain-dead scientists is that windstorms pick these things up and carry them along, but in many cases there has been no winds, and only specific items have been dropped– not a lot of different stuff if the winds were really picking up and dumping items. In some cases, rain has been known to fall on only one small spot, and rocks have been known to fall on particular spots for several days. These impossible skyfalls have been well documented, but not understood. Of course, maybe somebody just put the coins there… who knows?

  • That’s not the first conclusion we should leap to.

    Even though I’m quite open-minded towards the paranormal and supernatural, I also believe we should try to rule out other causes first. Is it possible that some other person could have placed them there for some reason? It might seem like a strange and random thing for someone to do, but hey, there are people in our world who do strange and random things. In my humble opinion, that’s the explanation we should go with – unless you can prove that nobody could have possibly accessed the car during the time when the quarters were placed there.

  • No, but it’s 50 cents more than he had before he found them.

  • Yes, might have something to do with eyes.

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