My boyfriend just told me that he doesn’t think Veterans Day should be a holiday?

he says that Labor Day already covers that sht. HELP!

5 Answers

  • What does it matter what he thinks about it? Veterans’ Day IS a national holiday in the USA and so is Labor Day.  They aren’t going to change that because one uneducated kid doesn’t agree with it!

  • Tell DIM WIT “Veterans Day and Labor Day are two completely different things”.

    Veterans Day is a celebration for Veterans.  Labor Day is a celebration for those who work.

  • I would be asking for help from a neurosurgeon, sounds like he has a brain tumour.

  • Pretty sure you mean ‘Memorial Day’ as the holiday that already covers that and – no it doesn’t.  Memorial Day is for those who have died, Veteran’s Day is for those who put it all on the line and enlisted.  

  • your boyfriend is an idiot who doesn’t understand that the words “veteran” and “labor” mean different things 

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