my buddy gave me 3 round white pills marked 512.. said they were extrastrength advil but i feel funny, am i ok

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  • Are you sure they weren’t old?

  • Pill 512

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    my buddy gave me 3 round white pills marked 512.. said they were extrastrength advil but i feel funny, am i ok

  • 512 Pill

  • Ya, those are not Advil, they’re percocets or ( oxycodone/ acetaminophen). Although, 3 is a lot to take at once if you’re not used to taking them, you’re not going to die. You might get sick for awhile, eat something that will help tremendously. But eat something heavy and drink milk, it ‘ll coat your stomach. You really shouldn’t take pills if you’re not sure what they are though, it’s kinda dangerous. If you ever have this problem again just go to and type in the imprint on the pill and it should tell you what the pill is before you take it. Good Luck! Hope you feel better!

  • Dude if the pills said 512 on it, the definantly weren’t Advil (extra strength or otherwise) If he’s your buddy I don’t think they will harm you, but be on the look out for any weird signs! Hope I helped!

  • I am absolutely amazed at the attempt at “levity”p on this site. Two people answered correctly that each pill is 325 mg of acetaminophen and 5 mg of oxycodone….oxycodone is a Schedule II (2) drug and is highly controlled. It is a FELONY to “share” schedule II drugs.

    So you ended up taking 15 milligrams of oxy NOT 1500 GRAMS OF a drug! Someone mentioned going to a WebMD website.

    NO. This is what having your own doctors are for. Your doctor or nurse practitioner keeps a list of your drugs you have been prescribed and what problems you have. NEVER take a drug from a buddy when you have NO idea what it is . Never! If you had an allergy to either acetaminophen or oxycodone then three tablets could have sent you into anaphylactic shot…you would die.

    Only take drugs that belong to you, prescribed to you. Don’t have “drugs lying around around.” Especially drugs from a “buddy.”‎

    BTW….The acetaminophen in this pill is more deadly than the oxy. The oxy can lead to liver damage and failure.

  • Oxycodone and three is a lot for opioid newbies, but it won’t kill you, unless you are feeling really bad then go to the ER. It’s the opiates that make you feel funny. Oxycodone is for pain, but it is prescribed by doctors and it is not Advil. It is mostly Oxycodone/APAP APAP is Tylenol. If you are allergic to opiates or Tylenol go to the ER. 3 pills is a lot and I would be mad at whoever gave them to you.

  • Ya I’m gonna call your bluff on this. You checked the markings took them first then asked? People don’t do that sort of thing. But ya dude you weren’t robbed. You bought Percocet 5 mg.

  • What do you mean funny? Are you faint, having trouble breathing?Perhaps you should call a pharmacy or hospital to find out what those pills may have been. Good Luck.

  • well, theyre def not advil.

    You have Acetaminophen; Oxycodone Tablets 325/5mg

    ACETAMINOPHEN-OXYCODONE (Roxicet(R)) is a combination of two different types of pain medicine and is used to treat moderate to severe pain.

    See pic

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