My card was charged twice from an online purchase at WalMart. Help?

So a few weeks back, I ordered a PSP online from WalMart for $106.30 after tax. I was charged for that when I made the inital purchase, which of course is normal.

Now, a couple of days ago, I was charged AGAIN for the $106.30. I did not order another PSP or anything from WalMart since my initial purchase a few weeks back. I have my PSP now. Just wondering what I should do. I started to file a dispute with the bank, but I’m not sure if I should do that or contact WalMart first. Help?

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  • You need to go to Wal Mart because they are the ones who charged you not the bank. I had the same situation happen to me. I bought a VIZIO Television from Wal Mart online and I saw that it double charged me. I printed out my bank statement and took it back to Wal Mart and showed them where it double charged me and they refunded back the 2nd charge. They will work with you as long as you bring the receipt or some sort of print out of the second charge.

  • Contact WalMart. If they don’t fix it dispute the charge with the CC company or bank. These things do happen sometimes, and they will reverse the charge if the dispute is legitimate.

  • Definitely contact walmart. Explain what happened it could be an internal mistake on their end. As long as the product isn’t shipped out to you even if it is send it back. It should be fine. Say why would I order the same thing twice?

  • you would possibly want to bypass in to the service table on the Walmart shop the position you made your purchase.  tell them the tale that you purely revealed and instruct them your debit cancel instructions out of your monetary employer.  you would possibly want to also call your monetary employer and tell them what occurred. both your monetary employer and Walmart will probable seem after the priority.  have you learnt that procuring a pop-up card value you larger above and previous the fee that you receive. to boot you’re charged taxes on the precise up card once you purchase it.  once you utilize the precise up card to operate money on your vιʀԍιɴ cellular account you’re charged taxes back. this implies you’re being double taxed and also you’re paying a large style of further money to placed money on your account.  you would possibly want to note that you’ll be able to easily use your debit card on T-cellular’s internet website to precise up your account and make investments interior the double prices and destiny opportunities that you’re by twist of destiny double charged on your debit card.

  • Contact walmart first, they can look it up and see that it was already paid and reverse the additional charge.

  • you could tech dispute both and get the money all back. In online txn they have no way to tell the card was present so they lose.

  • Be an american and sue

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