my cat ate some of my tomato soup I will not let that happen again?

my cat ate some of my tomato soup I am watching her she is cleaning her self what should I do she appears to be ok but I just found out tomato’s are toxi to cats

4 Answers

  • She will be okay. They aren’t THAT toxic.

    Source(s): DVM
  • Not true – the leaves and stem are toxic, but not the actual tomato itself. We give our dog and cats bites of tomatoes from our salad. The cat is fine with tomato soup (just don’t let him have too much). Actually tomoto is good if you need to make the urine more acid to stop crystals from forming in the bladder.

  • While tomatoes are slightly toxic to cats I’d be more concerned with the excess amounts of salt that is in tomato soup.

  • They’re not that toxic. I used to let my cats lick the plates whenever we had spaghetti, and it didn’t hurt them. So unless it ate a lot, I wouldn’t be concerned.

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